Budget: Very few hostel options but accomodation is cheap, food (especially the street food) is extremely cheap and most experiences/activities are accessible for all budgets Birdseye View Luang Prabang 360 Degree -

The second largest city in Laos and easily one of the main tourist spots so most people travelling to Laos will see this city. However, like every city there are small parts that are not on the typical "to see" list.

- Tamarind, one of the most popular and best restaurants in the city is recommended by every travel book. However, what's often missed is that the restaurant also offers a fantastic cooking course which takes you to a local food market to buy ingredients and has you cooking in a beautiful little riverside which is secluded and private.

- When entering central Luang Prabang you will cross a large wooden bridge into town which crosses the Khan River with two wooden walkways on either side. If you are there from around November onward, all along the Khan lanterns and lights will be lit up along the river and if you stand on the side of the bridge facing the town you will have a magnificent view that very few tourists enjoy.


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