Budget: Slightly more expensive than normal South East Asian prices but there is fantastic accomodation available for low prices and renting a motorbike is very cheap (unless you crash) 360 Degree View -

Camiguin is a small volcano island close to Bohol, famed for its natural beauty and relatively untouched nature. It is the second smallest province, has a low tourist flow and is full of surprises. The island is has low amounts of traffic and is easy to navigate so renting an inexpensive scooter is a great idea. The low traffic flow an relaxed conditions also make it a good spot for beginners who enjoy riding, and no they don't check for licenses ;) This island also bans smoking so for those looking for completely fresh air, this is the closest you might get in South East Asia.

- Turning off at small side on the side of the road and through a small village you will find the Giant Clam Sanctuary. Here you will be given a surprisingly interesting tour of the sanctuary and be given snorkel gear and a guide to swim through the underwater farm to see the clams, some reaching over 3 meters in diameter!! This is a cheap and enjoyable activity for people wanting to do something a little different.

- Driving up the volcano from the town center has almost no sites but is worth the trip if you've rented a scooter. about half way up the mountain you will see a small brightly coloured house on the left of the road. This is the volcanic monitoring center. Inside is a small museum and would not really be worth a mention if not for the very excited professors who are always thrilled to have foreign visitor. Continuing up the winding road you will have many times to stop and gain a birds eye view of the island and a fantastic view of the untouched rural parts of the island.


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